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Tony Rimo Medden NFL Games

Tony Romo is one of the main antagonists in the video game Madden NFL 10.


Tony romo is a quaterback for the dallas cowboys He is violent and go's to stop the gamer's team by tackling them or passing the ball and not let them win, the player has to sack him to change the quarter.But it is not to be easy because this football player is tough and large and, he will not let anyone in his way and try to defeat the player. same if he seems to be a tough game the player should be faster before he sacks him, when Tony approaches the player should sacked him, and try to make the goal before he sacks him and steals the ball. When the game ends he seems to be very angry at the player, but when the player team wins the game, Tony and his team finally congrats the player who wins the game.