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Tony Pizzo

A young and inexperienced gangster who becomes a mafia captain due to the Punisher killing most of New York City's veteran mafiosi. Pizzo first appears at a sitdown with Nicky Cavella and a few other captains, he and the other captains agree to make Cavella their boss so he can help them kill the Punisher and rebuild the Mafia. After an attempt to kill the Punisher fails miserably due to interference by CIA agent Kathryn O'Brien, Pizzo and the rest of the surviving Mafiosi turn on Cavella and leave him on his own for the Punisher to kill him. Pizzo appears several issues later in the Widowmaker story arc when one of the widows seduce him in order to find out about a Mafia convoy escorting a replacement boss into New York City, the Punisher finds out about this as well and attacks the convoy, killing everyone including Pizzo and the replacement boss.

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