I won't let my pack starve, Winston. If we have to, we'll fight for the valley.
~ Tony

Tony is the main antagonist of Lionsgate's 2010 computer animated film, Alpha and Omega and a supporting protagonist in Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure and Alpha and Omega: Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave. He is the Alpha Male and leader of the Eastern wolf pack in Jasper Park, and the father of Garth.

He was voiced by the late Dennis Hopper, who also played President Koopa, Deacon, Frank Booth and Howard Payne. However, in Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure and Alpha and Omega: Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave, he was voiced by Bill Lader.

Events of the Film

Tensions arise early on when Western pack wolves are accosted by Eastern packs intending to catch their caribou. Given that they've run out of caribou within their territory, Tony pressures Winston, Alpha Male of the Western pack, into uniting the two packs by marrying his son, Garth, to Winston's daughter, Kate. This is the only option to feed his pack besides fighting the Western pack for their territory. Tony makes it very clear that he will ensure his pack's survival at any cost, even if it does mean the two packs must confront one another in a turf war.

They attempt to have Kate and Garth meet up at the Midnight Howl, a gathering of wolves and their respective (potential) mates. Kate excuses herself and, along with an Omega wolf named Humphrey, is captured by hunters seeking to use them to instigate wolf repopulation in an Idahoan park. However, Tony is led to believe that Kate ran away to forsake her responsibility in marrying Garth. He informs Winston that if Kate does not come back and marry Garth before the next full moon, he will lead the Eastern pack to attack. Over the next few days, as the peace between the two packs weakens, Garth spends time with Lilly, Winston's second daughter and another Omega, and the two fall in love. When Tony finds them howling together, he berates his son for howling with an Omega.

Later, just as Tony is about to declare war for the territory, Kate and Humphrey return and Kate declares she will marry Garth to unite the packs. The next day, however, during the marriage ceremony, Kate backs down and declares that she has fallen in love with Humphrey. Garth then declares his love for Lilly. Tony is outraged that Winston's pack has not followed their tradition and angrily accuses Winston of brainwashing his son. He then orders the Eastern pack to attack.

However, the fight is interrupted by a caribou stampede. While the rest of the pack manages to get to the safety, Tony and Winston are trapped and forced to run ahead. Kate and Humphrey manage to save both of them from being trampled, but seemingly at the cost of Kate's life. Tony, realizing what this has led to, joins the wolves in mourning her. Fortunately, she is still alive and goes with Humphrey. Seeing the Alpha and Omega relationships at work, Winston decides to permit it. Tony agrees, figuring it would be for the best (with some encouragement, of course, by Winston's mate Eve growling at him).


Tony is characterized by his short temper and his willingness to do anything he can for the safety and welfare of his pack. While preferring a peaceful resolution, he demonstrates that he's more than willing to instigate an all-out turf war against Winston and his pack if push comes to shove. (This is visually demonstrated as Tony crushes a lone healthy flower as a warning to Winston.) The old wolf is also characterized by his refusal to budge from traditions and the laws and customs of the packs. This leads him to refusing to accept a Omega with an Alpha, as seen with his disgust over Garth's growing relationship with Lilly. However, he is not truly evil as he is simply too willing to remain with these traditions and do whatever he can to ensure his pack's survival.

He also frequently bemoans the signs of his old age. In particular, he complains about the cracked disc in his back. Nevertheless, Tony demonstrates he is a capable fighter, runner, and howler as the events of the film unfold.

In the sequel Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure, it's revealed that Tony used to work along King and his Rogues when they were part of his pack. King is a notable foil to Tony in that while Tony was an anti-villain seeking to ensure the livelihood, King seeks only power for himself.


  • Tony was Dennis Hopper's last role before his death.