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I hate killing people. It's such a downer.
~ Tonto
Life is like a joss-stick; it stinks and then it's over.
~ Tonto's last words

Tonto Jitterman is the minor antagonist from the Red Dwarf novel Better Than Life. He is a mad hippie murderer and brother of Jimmy Jitterman.



Tonto Jitterman is actually a psychopathic hippie murderer from the novel Young, Bad and Dangerous to Know Rimmer once read. He travels across middle America, "trying to bring down the Establishment."

While Rimmer is playing the game Better Than Life, his psyche brings Tonto and his brother Jimmy to the game. When Rimmer ends up in a prison as soundwave, with Jimmy in the same cell, Tonto steals a truck and is about to help his brother. Jimmy and Rimmer manage to escape through the walkie talkies into the truck, but they need two bodies to live in. Therefore Tonto heads to the storehouse and kills the guard, only to learn Jimmy's body misses. Much to Rimmer's anger, Jimmy takes his and even uses it to kill other guards who try to stop them. Rimmer is eventually forced to take the body of a prostitute, Trixie LaBouche.

Two brothers and Rimmer hide in the hotel where Tonto spends all the time playing cards. Unfortunately, they behave bad to Rimmer, call him names (e.g. Sweetie or Doll) and force him to do all cooking and houseworks. In short, they take him only as a woman. When he tries to argue, it leads only to slaps and insults from the brothers. Two days pass and the trio becomes out of money. Tonto quickly finds a solution, buys some sexual tools and plans to use Rimmer as a prostitute to get money.

That night, Tonto and Rimmer go across the streets until they find an Armenian sailor. After Tonto sews up the prize, Rimmer hits the sailor and tries to run away. He imagines the exit gate from the game, only to discover he can't walk through it. Tonto eventually catches him, but is suddenly stopped by a policeman who manages to shoot the mad hippie dead.