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Tomoki Hachijou, codenamed "Bird", is the student council president of Kouki Academy who also serves as the secondary antagonist of the series Active Raid when it's revealed that he works for Mythos.

After Mythos' defeat, however, he is later revealed to be the series' true main antagonist when he bails out on Mythos while Mythos is arrested. He later returns following Mythos' arrest and is under the employment of the corrupt governor Kotaro Inagi to enhance his popularity with the use of Willwears, but later ordered Hachijou to be killed.

Hachijou then staged his own death and hijacked a satellite as his last resort to destroy Tokyo after Inagi was exposed by Takeru. Takeru manages to destroy the satellite and the three Willwears guarding the satellite, and later, Hachijou is finally arrested by Hinata, who punches out Hachijou.