Tomoharu Kishibe (Corpse Princess)

Tomoharu Kishibe is a minor villain in Corpse Princess.


Tomoharu's Past

Tomoharu was just a normal teenage boy and a friend of Takamasa and Itsuki. Both he and his entire family died in a car accident when a group of teenage drivers made them swerve off the cliff. He was revived as a Shikbane and acquired the power to control the engines of 4WDs and 2WDs. He used his power to kill the teens who killed him and his family. After that, he began targeting teenagers who liked to drive fast and their spectators.

When he reunited with his old friends, Takamasa and Itsuki, he told them that he wants to become a Shikabane Himo, but they told him that only women can be turned into Shikabane Himes. Tomoharu was eventually killed by Itsuki and Takamasa.