Tom Volker

"Your a dead man." - Volker's eerie last words to one of his co-workers;

Tommy Volker is a villain from the show called The Mentalist. He appeared in a couple episodes as a minor villain who was trying to hide the fact that he killed dozens of people for the sole purpose of trying to steal property. He was caught finally by Teresa Lisbon at a zoo before he attempted to shoot a young kid that was on the run. The name of the episode where he was finally arrested was in "Little Red Corvette".

Tommy Volker for awhile proved to clever to be caught but after a few days it caught up with him. Eventually Patrick Jane found that he was slipping and that he wanted Teresa to give up the investigation just because Volker knew that he would possibly be captured anyway. Volker was shown to be a total psychopath, going as far as trying to kill a kid to hide evidence. He was a billionare and was shown to be a total sociopath around his co-workers whom he treated like crap by filling them with fear.