Oh my. Imagine: revenge and ill-gotten wealth all in one night. I'm postively tingling.
~ Tommy Thanatos
How touching, like the family I never had, and never wanted!
~ Tommy Thanatos

Tommy Thanatos is a criminal mastermind and the main antagonist of the 1993 Hulk Hogan movie Mr. Nanny.

He was portrayed by David Johansen.


Tommy Thanatos, usually being a vain creep, was a crooked wrestling promoter who profits from fighters throwing matches. As it turns out, Sean Armstong and his coach Burt Wilson had been once at the receiving end of one of his schemes: he had ordered them to throw a match, and when they hadn't complied, he attempted to shoot them. However, Burt threw himself in front of Sean, taking the bullet in his leg and thus getting permanently injured; Sean had chased Thanatos to the roof of the stadium, and after a furious fight Thanatos ended up plunging head-first into an empty pool. This accident fractured the top of his skull, forcing the attachment of a steel skullplate and removing part of his afro hair of which he was so proud. An unscrupulous and vain villain with a grudge against Sean and Burt, Tommy Thanatos who now goes by the name Mr. Thanatos, is a weapons dealer, an aspect added to his nature as a crooked and insane businessman. He is after Mason's chip for the Peacefinder weapon, and he will not stop at anything to get it and sell it to the higher bidder.

Thanatos kidnaps Mason with the help of Frank Olsen, Mason's corrupt chief of security (who is disposed of en route to the hideout), and demands of him to hand over the chip. When Mason refuses, Thanatos has Alex and Kate kidnapped in order to force him to comply. Despite a valiant effort, Sean is overpowered and Burt is taken as well, giving Thanatos an unexpected revenge bonus. But Sean manages to track down Thanatos, and with the help of his friends is able to beat the villains. As Thanatos prepares to charge Sean, Mr. Mason and the children activate an improvised electromagnet to launch him into space, leaving only his skullplate.