There was more than it would cost to do the repairs. But I didn't for a minute think about their offer. I didn't want to join some criminals, even if they had all the money in the world. It's better to be poor and alive than rich and dead, right? I was gonna get my cab repaired and try to forget it all as soon as possible. As my mother always said: You can never predict what God has in store for you.
~ Tommy Angelo's narration prior to his days as a mafioso.

Thomas "Tommy" Angelo is the villain protagonist in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. He reappeared as a minor character in Mafia II. Tommy worked for the Salieri Crime Family in Lost Heaven. However, after the ending of Mafia I, Tommy ratted out the Salieri Crime Family to the Feds and went into exhile in Empire Bay. Because he ratted to the Feds, Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, from the Falcone Crime Family in Empire Bay are ordered to assassinate Tommy.



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Aftermath & Death

In 1938 Tommy testified against the Salieri crime family in order to protect himself and his family. Many of the thugs were imprisoned and got the chair, and Salieri himself got life in prison. Tommy was made to serve eight years in a confined cell for his own protection. He was released in 1946 and reunited with his wife and daughter, and they were moved to Empire Bay with new identities. Tommy took up a job with a cab company in the city.

In 1951 – 13 years after betraying the Salieri family - Tommy watered his garden until two men pulled up at the side of the road and got out. The two men approached Tommy and asked for "Mr Angelo". Tommy replied "yes" and one of the men replied "Mr. Salieri sends his regards". The other man pulled out a gun and shot Tommy point blank in the chest. As Tommy lay on the ground dying, the two men got into their car and pulled off.

Mission Appearances

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

As the player character and protagonist he appears in all of the missions

Mafia II

  • Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven


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