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Tomax and Xamot have rarely seen without one another. The heads of the shady Extensive Enterprises, these two are not only the leaders of COBRA's Crimson Guard, but are also Cobra Commander's financiers in his evil schemes. But like any good businessman, Tomax and Xamot are always ready to seize control of COBRA when Cobra Commander lets his guard down.



Tomax and Xamot are first introduced in the G.I. Joe mini-series "Pyramid of Darkness". They appear as the commanders of the Crimson Guard, as well as the heads of Extensive Enterprises. Unlike the comics, in which they are the most loyal supporters of Cobra Commander, the twins in the cartoon were often trying to seize power for themselves, although they have little support from other Cobra members such as Destro and the Baroness, and their attempts are usually quashed by Cobra Commander. They share a psychic link, and feel one another's pain, which the Joes use to their advantage several times in battle.

At the beginning of the second season, Tomax and Xamot join Doctor Mindbender and Destro in creating Serpentor, also having grown tired of Cobra Commander's failures. But as soon as Serpentor is brought to life and orders his attack and invasion of the United States, Tomax and Xamot are the first to point out the sheer impossibility of such an attack. Their objections are quickly silenced however when Serpentor begins to throttle them.

In the un-produced third season of the original Sunbow series, Tomax and Xamot were planned to be the season's main villains, with most of Cobra-La and the Cobra Organization being destroyed at the end of the movie. Tomax and Xamot would then form a new criminal organization known as the Coil to fight against the Joes. This season never went into production due to the abrupt cancellation of the series by Hasbro.

In the cartoon, Tomax was voiced by Corey Burton and Xamot by Michael Bell (who were also the voices of Autobot twins Sunstreaker and Sideswipe in The Transformers).

G.I. Joe: The Movie

In G.I. Joe the Movie, they side with Cobra-La, and are seen fighting the Joes in the final battle, until a huge explosion destroys all of Cobra-La.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from being unnaturally agile, the Crimson Twins have a psychic link that, unfortunately, forces them to feel each other's pain.


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