Tomato (also known as TO-MAY-TOE, a areference to the third episode of Annoying Orange ) is a minor protagonist, later the main antagonist of the Annoying Orange episode,April Fruits Day. Orange told her that she is no longer a fruit, which she is very happy about that, until she found out that was just an April Fool's Prank. this made her angry/evil towards Orange, as she copied his catchphrase, and he got knifed, and screamed (although he was really Little Apple in disguise, and the knife popped his disguise). She was defeated by getting knifed, and dies after the real Orange appears. She was played by Jenya Lano. She is no longer seen in the rest of the episodes. She is also called TOE-MAY-TOE, which is a reference to the third episode of Annoying Orange. She was the second tomato of the series (first being Tomato, which is the male tomato). They both died in the end of their episodes.


  • She had 12 qoutes (although Ahhhhhh is her last qoute before she dies by getting knifed).
  • She was once a protagonist, but she later turned evil, when she found out that Orange said she is no longer a fruit, and made her mad, mean, antagonistic, and evil towards Orange, and she is defeated by getting knifed, and dies.