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I am the queen of every hive. I am the fire on every hill. I am the shield over every head. I am the spear of battle. Who but I am both the tree and the lightning that strikes it.
~ Agnes Mary Winstead, portraying Tomasyn White.

Tomasyn White, (also known as The Butcher), is the main antagonist of American Horror Story: Roanoke, the sixth season of American Horror Story. She is a Roanoke mob leader appearing, being the main threat haunted in Shelby and Matt Miller's past, who lead a sinister mob known as the "Roanoke community" and attacked Shelby & Matt. In fact, she is a spirit who lived at the 16th century colony of Roanoke.

Tomasyn White is portrayed by Susan Berger. In the re-enactment scenes of My Roanoke Nightmare, she is portrayed by the mentally unstable actress Agnes Mary Winstead. In turn, Winstead is portrayed by Kathy Bates, who portrayed Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's Misery and Delphine LaLaurie in American Horror Story: Coven.


Early Life

Tomasyn White was the wife to John Tomasyn, governor of Roanoke. White left his wife in charge of the Roanoke Colony while he returned to England to gather supplies. When food was scarce, Mr. Cage and White's son Ambrose asked after the scarce rations, but she would hear no more of rebellion. The colonists rebelled against her and left her to die, but she was saved by Scáthach, the Witch of the Woods, and sold her soul. Later, the 116 settlers disappeared without a trace. Tomasyn, who regained control, leaded them and haunted the place surrounding Matt and Shelby's new house.





  • Before "Chapter 3", the real name of Kathy Bates' ("re-enacting") character was unknown and was only referred as the Butcher.


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