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Full Name
Thomas Cat
Puss Gets The Boot (February 24th, 1940)
Depends on the story
Powers / Skills
trap making
Chasing Jerry
To catch Jerry
Type of Villain
Protagonistic villain

Tom Cat is one of the two title-characters (and the main antagonist) of the Tom & Jerry series, and the archenemy of Jerry.

Physical Appearance

He is a cat whose breed is still unknown to this day, which is strange considering how long the series has been running. He is mostly bluish gray in color with white paws and a light-blue belly. He also has a tail that is white at the tip. He is sometimes also colored dark blue, but this was only in the earlier episodes.


He is the villain in almost every single episode of every series that shows him in it. His antics involve laying traps for Jerry which most of the time end up failing. He doesn't always try to eat the mouse but he will sometimes try to eliminate him or even trick him to a lesser extent. His rivalry with Jerry existed even as a kitten.

Considering that Jerry is a pest that is not welcome in his house, his actions are rather understandable.


He was the villain or one of the villains in a few movies. But the one movie with his biggest role was Tom & Jerry: The Fast & The Furry. In this movie he antagonizes every one of the racers who participate in the Fabulous Super Race, resulting in several deaths. Another villainous role was the movie Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale, In which he plays one of the henchmen of The Cat King and gathers most of his troop to catch Jerry and his friends from getting to the star.


Tom the Cat was killed in the episode The Two Mouseketeers, where he needed to defend the king's food or else the king will decollate Tom. Jerry made him fail doing this, resulting into Tom being beheaded.

He was obviously revived for later episodes and appearances.


  • His name Tom Cat is most likely a parody of Tomcat, a term used for male cats.
  • He also has a compassionate side and sometimes cooperate with Jerry, when the situation depends on it.
  • Occasinally, Tom is the underdog when the conflicts between him and Jerry are instigated by the latter, often because Jerry is intentionally antagonizing Tom for his own amusement


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