There is no walking away from us, Fisher! We made you, we own you, and we always will!
~ Tom Reed on Sam Fisher's retirement from Third Echelon.

Colonel Thomas "Tom" Jeffery Reed was the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. He was the director of Samuel "Sam" Fisher's workplace and a top secret initiative, Third Echelon, after its previous director, Irving Lambert, died in New York City in 2008.

Before Conviction

Reed was born in 1971 and started his career in the U.S. Air Force studying cyber warfare. He then worked for AFCYBER to prevent cyber attacks against U.S. interests. He was later transferred to the National Security Agency's top-secret initiative, Third Echelon, under Director Irving Lambert. After Lambert was declared K.I.A., Reed positioned himself as the new director of Third Echelon. He then expanded Third Echelon with more Splinter Cells and more brutal tactics. Due to this, Third Echelon became a rogue intelligence agency ultimately.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Reed was first seen at Price Airfield in Virginia along with Colonel Jeremy Prentiss and Major Shawn Robertson after Sam was captured by a team of Third Echelon Splinter Cell agents from Andriy Kobin's mansion in Valletta, Malta. He told Anna Grímsdóttir to interrogate Sam about his involvement with Andriy Kobin and his 'knowledge' of the EMPs before leaving the airfield (unaware that she is a undercover agent for President Patricia Caldwell). Later, he met with a businessman and Chief Executive Officer of a private military company called Black Arrow named Lucius Galliard at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., talking about a mysterious group called Megiddo. After the meeting was over, Sam interrogated Galliard about Megiddo and got some information out of him before being killed by a man that was speculated to be working for Megiddo.

Later, it was revealed from Kobin that Reed is working for Megiddo and he was using EMPs to disable most of the electricity in Washington D.C. in order to trick the civilians into believing that nothing suspicious is going on, so this would provide cover, attacking the White House with a large force of Black Arrow mercenaries, Splinter Cells and security forces from Third Echelon itself and assassinate President Caldwell for unwilling to corporate with Megiddo and match her politics with their own. When Sam was brought to Reed, both Sam and Grim crippled Reed's mission by killing his Splinter Cell escorts before realizing that Reed was the mole Lambert was looking for as he would threaten Sam's daughter, Sarah, in order to leverage him to get inside Third Echelon. After Sam brutally interrogated Reed, either Grim promptly executes him with two gunshots to the chest and to the head or Sam executes him with a head-shot.

Before Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Due to Reed's treachery, Third Echelon was disbanded by President Caldwell for good after a full investigation into the rogue agency and labeled it as a terrorist organization. As a result, a new clandestine and counter-terrorist unit, Fourth Echelon, was formed in response to an attack on Anderson Air Force Base in Guam instigated by a terrorist group called themselves The Engineers.



  • Reed admits that he voted for Caldwell in the presidential election, this is revealed when the player chooses to ignore two opportunities to grab Reed.
    • If the player chooses to ignore three opportunities to grab Reed, he will shoot Sam and kill him.
  • Reed was the last director of Third Echelon, as the agency was terminated by President Caldwell in the aftermath of the EMP terrorist attack on Washington, D.C. and the failed assassination attempt.