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Tom & John are the main antagonists of the film Boys Don't Cry. They are portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard & Brendan Sexton respectively and based on real life convicts of the same names.


In 1993 Tom & John met Brandon Teena and were charmed by his personality, unaware that Brandon was a transgender man. After discovering this they kidnapped Brandon and took him to a remote location where they viciously beat and raped him. The film depicts them as laughingly ignoring Brandon's implores for mercy and striking Brandon for no apparent reason except for fun. The film also implies that they (especially Tom who had really enjoyed Brandon's friendship) were hurt by Brandon's deception.

Brandon escaped with his life and even though he reported the crime no charges were pressed (presumably out out transprejudice on the officers part). The two then set out to find Brandon with the intention of killing him and succeeded, even killing Candace who had been habouring him. Tom then stabbed Brandon's body to make sure he was dead. Lana Tisdel, Brandon's love interest, had attempted to stop them on the scene and was almost killed by Tom but John decideds against this final act of evil. 


  • Although not shown in the film, Tom & John were arrested with John recieving the death penalty.
  • DeVine and Lambertare are the real names of the people Tom & John killed in addition to Brandon.
  • During the infamous rape scene Brendan Sexton III who played Tom walked away in tears after filming the harrowing scene.