Tom mccree 68

Tom in 1968

Tom mccree 2006

Tom in 2006

Tom McCree is a former police officer and the murderer of Sean "Coop" Cooper.


McCree was a Philly PD sergeant in the sixties where he found out Cooper and Police Officer Jimmy Bruno were gay. He talked to Brogan "Sarge" Cooper and they planned to murder the men. McCree sent them down to under a bridge, by saying that there was a series of armed robberies there.

Bruno did not want to be involved with Coop any more and went on patrol with a rookie. Coop went to the bridge alone and McCree used a shotgun to murder Coop. He was finally arrested in 2006 when he confessed to Lt. John Stillman. McCree said to Stillman why he'd care about the murder by saying Coop was unnatural. He also said he'd shoot and kill the "faggot" again. He was seen showing glances at Brogan after he was cuffed.