Tom Harrow is a DC comics super-villain and a malignant warlock from Fables who had power over plague and disease, traits valued by the evil-minded Snow Queen when she chose him to be one of 6 warlocks destined to go forth and begin her conquest of the human world.

Due to his abilities Tom was to be the first wave of her plan: plagues - having him enter the human world as a seemingly ordinary human in a populated area, where he would massacre everyone with six variants of disease, after this he was to move onto smaller targets for a total of six days, killing any humans he found along the way.

After these massacres were fulfiled Tom was to be returned to the Snow Queen in preparation for the next stage of the invasion.


Tom Harrow was a powerful sorcerer who could spread all types of plague, including botulism, black plague, smallpox, tularemia and the skold brownpox.


  • According to The Fables Encyclopedia, Bill Willingham based Tom Harrow's appearance on Neil Gaiman, famed DC writer, and the best man at Willingham's wedding.
  • The concept of the Snow Queen's six warlock enforcers is similar to Marvel's Apocalypse and his Horsemen (of whom Tom Harrow parallels Pestilence the most.)