Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, widely known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer. He has made several appearances on South Park, most recently as one of the main antagonists of the episodes "200" and "201."

Fictional character biography

Cruise first appeared on South Park in the episode "Trapped in the Closet," in which he locks himself inside Stan Marsh's closet after Stan tells him that Leonardo Dicaprio, Gene Hackman, and "that guy who played Napoleon Dynamite" are better actors than him. Cruise believes Stan to be the reincarnation of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Stan telling him this causes him to break down in hysterics. Many references to the real-life allegations that Cruise is gay are made throughout the episode, most prominently Cruise going so far as to deny that he is physically "in the closet."

Cruise next appears in the two-part episodes, "200" and "201." While on a class field trip to a fudge factory, Stan, Kyle, Butters, and Mr. Garrison see Cruise working there and refer to him as a "fudge packer." Even though he is physically in a fudge factory, loading fudge into boxes, Cruise angrily denies being a fudge packer and insists that he is "fly fishing." He becomes so infuriated, that he gathers every celebrity that has ever been offended by the residents of South Park and intends to bring a class action lawsuit against the town.

Cruise's actual plan, however, is not to sue the town. He actually wants them to bring him the Muslim prophet Muhammad, whose inner-goo makes him immune to ridicule. When the Ginger Separatist Movement threatens violence so that they can get the goo, Cruise and Rob Reiner activate the newly-rebuilt Mecha-Streisand to destroy South Park.

In the second part, "201," after the gingers capture Muhammad, they agree to let the celebrities have some of the goo in exchange for them being allowed to use Rob Reiner's goo transfer machine. Some of Muhammad's goo gets transferred into Cruise, causing a black censor box to appear over him, similar to the one appearing over Muhammad. Later, when the celebrities are fighting the Super Best Friends, Seaman jumps on Cruise's back, and everyone jokes that he has semen on his back (a running gag with Seaman is that people mispronounce his name as "semen" instead of the correct "sea-man"). Cruise's censor box disappears, but the explanation of why this happens is censored (though in the uncensored version of the episode (with Muhammad still censored) it was because of violence). After Cruise is defeated, Stan apologizes to him for calling him a fudge packer and saying that he had semen on his back. Cruise is upset, and wishes to go somewhere where he'll never get made fun of. The boys tell him that they know a place where everything is happiness and joy, and then it cuts to the moon with Cruise's corpse lying next to the orca from a previous episode.

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