That dance was meant, FOR ME!!
~ Tom
Remember: I'm not the only one with horns.
~ Tom, to Star.
Tom Lucitor is an inter-dimensional underworld demon and a former recurring antagonist in the Disney Channel series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. He is Star Butterfly's ex-boyfriend due to her breaking up with him. He is very persistent in going out with her again despite the fact she is mostly against the idea.

He is voiced by Rider Strong.


In the episode 'Blood Moon Ball': Tom goes to Earth to invite Star to the Blood Moon Ball a dance held by demons once every 667 years and while she rejects him, Tom points out that he has been working on his anger problems apparently going 53 days without getting angry. While impressed Marco karate chops off Tom's hand believing Tom a threat causing Tom to barely keep his anger under control and calm down. As he leaves he gives Star a bell so if she changes her mind she can come join him. Later when Star decides to go Tom is happy and attempted to tone down the party considerably by demon standards so that it would be more enjoyable for Star. Unfortunately for Tom, Star does not do everything he wanted like wear a spider in her hair and the song he choose for them to dance to under the Blood Moon (which would bind their souls making them soulmates) was not playing so he went to change it only for Marco who snuck into the party to steal the dance in an attempt to save her from Tom. Angered Tom attempts to attack Marco right after their dance only to be froze by a disappointed Star. In Naysaya it is revealed right after he was unfroze he put a curse on Marco that would reveal his embarsing secrets and insecurities to prevent him from asking Star out.

In Mr. Candle Cares Tom sends one of his minions (Mr. Candle) to try to make sure Star and Marco aren't going to get together as well as hoping to manipulate Star into getting back together with him by pointing out she will be queen soon and it will be a big responsibility. Once Marco finds out and provokes Tom by claiming he and Star are officially a couple, Tom captures him in a fit of anger. After finding out Marco lied Tom gets upset that Marco lied to him only for Marco to point out he lied to Star. Deciding Marco couldn't leave he decides to give Marco a chance through a fight to the death allowing Marco to choose whatever he wants the challenge to be and even accepts his term of if he looses he'll tell Star the truth. After Marco chooses Ping Pong but looses several times to Tom, they start to talk about how both are fond of Star's fun loving personality. Deciding that despite winning to spare Marco and tell Star the truth admitting he tried to trick her and that he was wrong. After Star punches his arm in retaliation and hugs Marco Tom departs on semi-good terms.

Tom shows up again in Friendenemies where he seemingly wants to become closer to Marco though in secret it is his final test to get over his anger problems set up by his life coach Brian. To do this Tom invited him to see a marathon of his favorite late martial artist: Mackie Hand and to ride to it in his undead horse carriage. Skeptical Marco asks which movie is his favorite with Tom being hesitant but gives at first two films before choosing the original in Swedish. Content Marco apologies over not trusting them only for Tom to admit he doesn't have many friends due to not many people making the effort to know him. All of a sudden a couple of street racers mock Tom and the carriage causing Marco to stand up for him by challenging them to a race but tells Tom to not speed. As the racers speed they are immediately pulled over causing Tom to admit that was better then destroying them. The two then bond over finding out they also share a fondness for the boy band Love Sentence. However as the the marathon is about to start Tom tells Marco it stay in the carriage for a little longer and when refused gets angry causing him to fail his final test which Brian points out. Realizing Tom used him, Marco calls Tom out who tears up the tickets. Angry as Marco storms off only for Tom to try to make amends admitting that while he hated the movies he was truly a fan of Love Sentence only to sing part of one of their songs to point this out. Marco still upset refuses to accept the apology until Tom resurrects Mackie Hand. The episode ends on them admitting while not friends they are on better terms. That said later episodes due state they have become friends and hang out somewhat regularly.

He rekindles his relationship with Star between Demoncism and Lint Catcher.


Tom: Oh, no... No...! No, no! I'm gonna be an evil demon forever!

Star: The important thing is that you want to improve yourself! You can still do that with a bunch of those little guys inside of you.

~ Tom and Star about Tom's demonic state.
Tom is considerably quarrelsome and short-tempered, quick to lose said temper at the slightest provocation. When he is angry, Tom's eyes glow bright red, and he sometimes speaks in a low-pitched demonic voice. Since hiring his life coach Brian, however, Tom is shown to be much more in control of his anger, as evidenced by his 53-day anger-free streak. He has a very despotic, controlling, and authoritative personality and when things deviate from his plans they can set off his temper, even small things like Star not wanting to wear a spider on her head.

In more recent episodes Tom has become a much better person, while he does not know how to be nice he is at the very least willing to try.

Powers and Abilities

Tom is able to produce and control fire. In the series' theme song, he offers Star a burning rose, and in "Blood Moon Ball," he creates fire with his hands and footsteps. He can also still control his limbs after they've been severed, and even reattach them. He is also capable of using curses and sealing incantations.


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