Tom is a fictional character from the TV series Father Ted. He is a violent village idiot, vivisectionist, armed robber, lorry driver etc.

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In the series

Tom is often to be seen wearing his "I shot J.R." T-shirt, looking at outsiders as they arrive on Craggy Island. Ted often displays a complete lack of interest in crimes or sins Tom may have committed. On one occasion when Tom confesses a murder, Ted tells him that he is much too busy to speak to him about it. Another time he sees Tom rob a post office while Ted is waiting in a car outside for him. Upon telling Tom that he hopes he isn't up to his old tricks, Tom replies "'Tis my money, Father. I just didn't want to fill in the forms". Tom has a scar, which when asked about he declared 'I was in an argument'. He then pulls down his trousers, and grinning from between his legs declares 'would you believe me own dog did that to me. Doesn't it look like a face?'. He appears in "Good Luck, Father Ted", (as the first person Terry McNamee sees upon his arrival on Craggy Island) "And God Created Woman", "Hell" and "The Plague" (as the person Ted and Dougal call on to "take care of" the rabbits.