Tokageron Shocker Kaijin

Tokageron - Originally an arrogant soccer player named Ken Nomoto, he fell into Shocker's sights due to his leg strength. Though he escapes Grimreaper Chameleon, Nomoto is captured by Spider Man as he was then converted into a lizard cyborg. Retaining his arrogance, Togakeron is used in Shocker's scheme down the Tokyo Atomic Energy lab's barrier with Shocker's "Barrier Destruction Ball" bomb for the Revived Kaijin Corps to storm in and get the materials within. Though he defeats Kamen Rider #1's Rider Kick, Hongo musters the new Lightning Rider Kick and uses it to kick the Barrier Destruction Ball back to Tokageron and the defeated Revived Kaijin Corps, destroying them all as the bomb detonates.