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You came here to kill me too?....
~ Tohka Yatogami
This is not possible....I tried Shido....but this is really not possibly.....THIS WORLD WILL NEVER ACCEPT ME!
~ Tohka Yatogami
Just killing and killing and killing. You deserve to die and to die and to die.
~ Tohka to Origami.

Tohka Yatogami is one of the main heroines on Date A Live franchise. She is the first Spirit saved by Shido. She is introduced in the first volume of the light novel series. Her codename is Princess.

She is voiced by Marina Inoue.

Physical Description

Tohka is a girl with hair are colored dark blue on the top half and a mixture of pink and pale yellow in dark purple bottom half. When she was still a spirit, she wore a dress with a black, cream and pink color scheme and a set of purple and cream armored adorning her shoulders and waist. The dress is open at the back, and there was a black corset and a skirt at the knee of two layers, which has a gradient of pink to white. Her hair is bound back using a hair accessory shaped like a butterfly and a pair of gloves that have petal-like cuffs, both sharing the same color scheme as his clothing, and wears a pair of armored boots, its appearance with his armadur gave a sense that she was a princess costume with a battle. 

Upon her acceptance on Raizen High School, she wears the uniform of this school, a black coat over a white outfit with sneaker typical of a Japanese school and a pair of black socks and long skirt blue medium size.

Psychological Description


Rage Mode

When Tohka first appeared on Earth, unsealed, she was very cautious with all humans who approached because she was being constantly attacked by AST every time she appeared on earth. However, after it was sealed by Shido, she could finally develop , express and experience a normal life on Earth.

Due to the fact that Tohka is new to all, she has a very childlike personality that can make it seem naive, emotional, energetic, and sometimes naive, due to the fact that she was not on the earth , that time to interact with others as if it were still a child discovering the world gradually, it makes it very innocent as the amorous relations. And thanks to your child's personality she enters a state of unstable emotion easily, and when that happens it becomes more destructive, strong, destructive and perhaps even more psychotic and evil enough to kill and destroy whatever is in her front.


The name Tohka Yatogami was given by Shidou when they met. Due to being a spirit, she's always been the target of Anti Spirit Team and Deus.Ex.Machina Industries are aiming to kill her because of what she hated humans forever fleeing her and thinking that she was not allowed to live in this world and also for her think that humans simply wanted to kill her, but her whole life changed when she met Shidou.

Tohka seems to have a common sensom a normal human, she loves food too. She is ignorant and childish, but nevertheless has a normal sense of embarrassment. She seems to have strong feelings for Shido, she is unable to understand when she gets jealous after seeing Shido accidentally kiss Yoshino, but even she being a person innocent a point of view she still makes some perverted acts, as she tries Shidou get naked to seduce, if cross-dressing man , or even sleep in the same bed hidden Shidou. After she learned that Yoshino is a Spirit as she decides to support same Shido to save her and other spirits, even helping to save Shidou Kurumi, even Kurumi nearly killed Tohka and Shidou.

Tohka is captured by Ellen in volume 6 during the events of the Miku Izayoi arc, after Shido being ambushed by Ellen Mira Mathers and was about to be killed in front of Tohka by orders of Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, she is filled with such despair that she turns into a ray of darkness, after loosen it attacks everyone in sight, including Shido. Wescott calls her the Demon King transformed state, adding that this transformed state is the real form of spirits as she border dimension in that they come from before manifesting in this world, the goal is to transform Westcott all spirits in reversed order to decimate the world and transform the world into chaos and hell, the inverse of the Spirits are demons, are much more powerful and evil.

Powers and Abilities

Her Angel is Sandalphon, which takes the form of a a broadsword, usually with a throne that doubles as the scabbard, although at times it seems as though she can do just as much damage with or without it, using her hands to project dark energy spheres or bolts in order to slice through inanimate objects with ease. Her  Astral Dress, Adonai Melek, consists of a purple ballgown. At full power she shatters the throne and combines the pieces with the sword turning the blade into Halvanhelev lengthening the blade several meters long, dramatically increasing her powers and can be charged to unleash an ultimate blow.

  • Angel: Sandalphon, Throne of Annihilation
  • Weapon: Broadsword
  • Final Sword: Halvanhelev
  • Astral Dress: Adonai Melei



  • Tohka's astral dress's name is Adonai Melech which means God is a king in Hebrew.
  • In a trailer of Date A Live: Ars Install, Tohka's name was spelled as 'Tohka Yagami' instead of Tohka Yatogami.
  • In her Inverse form, her power level is AAA+, which is even more powerful than Kurumi.


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