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Togemon is an enemy in the anime, Digimon Data Squad.


Togemon is a Champion Level Digimon that resembles a cactus with boxing gloves.

Digimon Data Squad

Togemon was used to weaken the champion's competetors. When Thomas found out, Gaomon fought Togemon. Togemon and Gaomon went into the fighting stadium and fought each other. When Gaomon punched Togemon out of the ring, he grew larger & larger. Gaomon digivolved to Gaogamon and defeated Togemon, and was reverted back into a Digi-Egg.


A Plant type Digimon which took on the form of a huge cactus. It's able to preserve nutrient data within it's body, and it's also able to live for long periods in arid areas without eating or drinking. it's often ditzy and absent-minded throughout the day, judging from it's constant facial expression. But if you make Togemon angry, it will express differently and run wild, unable to calm down. Their special attack is "Prickly Bang Bang", which erects the prickles on their arms and hits the enemy hard.


  • Needle Spray
  • Lightspeed Jabbing
  • Coconut Punch


  • In Digimon Data Squad the Togemon is a male Digimon
  • Togemon's Rookie form is Palmon
  • Togemon can digivolve to Lilymon, an ultimate form; and finally Rosemon, a Mega form
  • In Digimon Adventure, Togemon is a hero, but in Digimon Data Squad, he is an enemy of DATS

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