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Togami is the main antagonist of Long Live the Queen. Late in the game he invades Nova for the queen's luman jewel. He is a very powerful luman, and a former musician. He is the one who killed Elodie's mother Fidelia. Depending on the players actions, he can live or die.


He has no problem killing others for his own personal gain, but he cares about his family, and when he does luman duels, he will play them fairly. He can be talked out of his goals if the player has high enough skills in music, speech, and presence, where he can be talked in to spending more time with his family, and he will call off the invasion. If his fleet is destroyed, he will escape and plot revenge.


He is loved by his wife and kids, but has a bad reputation with everyone else. If Togami is killed his wife will be devastated, but many others will be happy about his death.