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Todeen is a female daimon summoned by Kaolinite who appeared in episode 99. She was produced from the fusion of a daimon egg with a streetcar as part of Kaolinite's plan to automatically check all individuals using it as transportation for pure hearts. Just as Yuuichirou Kumada, a worker at the Hikawa Jinga Shrine, was about to board the tram, Todeen suddenly came to life and extracted his Heart Crystal. Rei Hino had witnessed the ambush, and quickly transformed into Sailor Mars to confront the daimon. She was quickly overpowered alone, but the rest of the Inner Senshi soon appeared. They rescued Sailor Mars and retrieved Yuuchirou's Heart Crystal. Using one of her attacks, Todeen restricted the movements of the Inner Senshi and assumed her streetcar form to plow through them. After Sailor Jupiter used her Sparkling Wide Pressure attack on the daimon, she reflected it right back at the senshi and once again incapacitated them. Just as she had changed into steetcar form once again and was intending to kill the senshi, she was frozen herself by Sailor Mars's Akuryou Taisan. She also attacked her with Burning Mandala, just to be on the safe side. The daimon was then destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Todeen's method of collecting Pure Hearts was to use the star-shaped mark on the underside of her upper left arm to shoot a black beam of energy at the victim which could extract the Heart Crystal after being held on the person's chest for a certain length of time. Todeen has yellow eyes, pink hair, and light green skin.