~ Toddy's evil laugh.

Toddy (sometimes called Toddy the Body or simply Todd) is the primary antagonist of the Mondo Mini Shows series Gundarr.

He is a hideous green-skinned wizard whose main goal is to kill Gundarr the barbarian, sometimes with the aid of his assistant, Greggors the goblin. Due to bumbling, his plans usually fail and he ends up being killed or suffering some humiliating predicament. He has been shown with a good side on several occasions, an example being in the episode The Octagon of Life, where he saves Gundarr from being arrested after reminiscing their fiendish yet lovable relationship. Ironically, Gundarr was the antagonist of that episode and ended up betraying Toddy in the end.

Despite being the antagonist, he is perhaps the most popular character in Gundarr. He is most popular in the episode Dopplegangsta's Paradise, where he and hundreds of his clones rap a song. His rap has appeared in several other episodes of the series as well.