Todd Whitley is a successful lawyer, as well as the murder of Jill Shelbey in 1976.

Incredibly proud, arrogant and chauvanistic, Whitley refuses to accept that anyone is better than him at anything, least of all his brother Eric. When Eric managed to join the school olympic wrestling team which Todd failed to do, Todd would wear his brothers lettermen jacket as if it was his and belitted him if he tried to take it back.

Domineering of everyone, especially women Todd was extremely prone to anger should anyone stand up to him or talk back. Jill Shelby learned that the hard way when she stood up to him and was brutally murdered for it, continuing to beat her even after she was dead.

Used to getting his own way, Detective Lily Rush represents everything he hates. A woman who wasn't the least scared of him even when he (indirectly but deliberately) threatened her with violence, and had a position of power over him to arrest him.