Todd Walker was the son of Hayden Walker, a Coyotl and the secondary antagonist of the episode "Bad Moon Rising"


Upon the orders of his father, he along with his brother broke into Jarold Klempars house and kidnapped his daughter Carly. As Carly was their cousin, and she was of the age when females were traditionally admitted into the pack (basically raped).

He took her back to the other members of his pack, where he introduced her to his father, and her uncle. He showed an unnatural interest in Carly as it was him who intended to rape her.

Following Jarold, Nick and Hank arriving, Todd was the one who warned his father that they had spotted the rope on the well moving (they had hidden Carly in the well) and joined his pack getting there guns planning to kill them. They managed to escape, but he held Jarold at gun point. Following Nick and Hank tricking the pack into thinking Hayden had killed them, thus luring them into barn, Todd mocked Jarold, telling him the pack would devour his friends and strip them to the bones, and then Carly would be his.

Taking advantage of his distraction, Jarold morphed and dug his sharp jaws into Todd's arm, causing him to drop his gun, the two began to wrestle, after a fight Todd emerged the victor and grabbed his gun, however Carly snuck behind him and smashed a metal pipe round his head knocking him out cold. He was arrested along with the remainder of his pack by the portland police.