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Rob Ford in Brickleberry

Todd Ford in "Brickleberry".

Todd Ford is the corrupt mayor of Hazelhurst. His only appearance was in "High Stakes". He is a parody of the late Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

After Woody Johnson gets disowned by his employees, he befriends Todd. His sadistic acts include shooting a bartender, sneaking into the police station and stealing drugs, and hijacking a fire truck and squirting people with a fire hose.

During a poker game with Bruce Jenner, Ford cheats Woody out of Brickleberry park by playing the Royal Flush. This allows the animals to roam free in the park, so Ford can transform it into a hunting range.

In order to get the park back, Woody proposes that if Ford doesn't kill Malloy by hour's end, the park goes back to Woody. When Ford arrives at the bear cage where Malloy and Mallory were mating, he shoots Mallory. Because of this, Woody gets the park back.

In the end, Ford comes back to shoot Malloy and Steve's "baby".