We will fly and blaze and slice
~ The Toclafane

The Toclafane from Doctor Who were the final evolution of the human race, cyborgs integrated into spherical, mechanical shells. The name "Toclafane" was given to them by the Master, after a fairy tale monster from Gallifrey, the local equivalent of Earth's "Boogeyman".


The last of humanity, scattered across the darkness of space, received a message that said "Come to Utopia". Because the Utopia Project was set up to find a way to survive the end of the universe, everyone believed they had found a way. Humans attempted to travel to the mythical paradise, (TV: Utopia) but what they found was a dark, cold and inhospitable world. To survive, the human race "evolved" into the Toclafane.

Later Master arranged to get their help and conquer the Earth, by acquiring Doctor's TARDIS and transforming her into Paradox Machine. They were returned to the end of the universe and possibly died after its collapse.