Tobias Lehigh Nagy (A.K.A The Smog Strangler) is the main antagonist of the two part Seinfeld episode, The Trip. He appears in The Trip: Part 2 as the main antagonist and is played by Clint Howard.

Part 2

He is a serial killer who has been terrorizing Los Angeles. The media has dubbed him The Smog Strangler. When Jerry and George see Kramer's picture on the news and learn that is the main suspect for the "Smog Strangler", they attempt to resolve the situation. They use a pay phone to call the police and they say they have some important information regarding the stranglings. Two policemen in a police cruiser come to pick them up and take them back to the station. On their way, the officers see Tobias trying to break into a car. They arrest him and put him in the back with Jerry and George. They have to stop again when they get a police call regarding to the "Smog Strangler" and happen to be close to the scene. Jerry and George want to make sure Kramer is not imprisoned, so they open the door of the car, and, in their hurry, leave the door open. The man who was breaking into the car escapes. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Tobias is the Smog Strangler that was in the back seat with George and Jerry, the one they accidentally let escape. It is broadcast on a news program that his whereabouts are unknown, but that he is a generous tipper.