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Tobey (Teeth)


Tobey is a major character in the 2007 comedy/horror film Teeth. At first he appears to be a gentle and innocent young man, but later reveals a much darker and sinister personality.

He is portrayed by Hale Appleman.


Tobey is introduced to a teenage girl named Dawn O'Keefe, who is a spokesperson for a Christian abstinence group called The Promise. She and Tony both wear purity rings to symbolize their dedication to the act of staying "pure", though they both become very attracted to each other. Believing that Tobey will not try to seduce her since he is abstinent, she decides to spend time with him and they eventually end up swimming together in a quiet river. Dawn leads Tobey into a cave where all the teenagers in the area go to make out, and they begin kissing. However, she soon becomes uncomfortable and reminds Tobey that they must stay pure. Tobey tries to convince her to stay and despite her objections, he holds her down and begins to rape her. He is unaware though that Dawn has a lethal mutation growing within her vagina, specifically a set of very sharp teeth known as the "Vagina Dentata", which bites straight through Tobey's penis and severs it. Tobey screams in agony, cradling his bleeding crotch and leaving Dawn horrified. Tobey then dives into the water to escape from Dawn and disappears, but it is later discovered that he died from blood loss as the police recover his body from the bottom of the river.

Tobey's severed penis

Tobey's penis is bitten off by Dawn's vicious Vagina Dentata