Toasty is a villain from Spyro the Dragon. He is employed as the boss of the Artisans home world by Gnasty Gnorc and is tasked with defeating Spyro. He is the first of six bosses fought in the game.


Toasty is first depicted as a large scarecrow-like enemy. He sports a large cloak and hat and is hidden by a jack-o-lantern mask.

He wields a large scythe which he uses to attack Spyro. After being damaged twice, his cloak burns away and it is revealed that Toasty is actually a sheep on stilts. In this third and final phase, Toasty will attack Spyro by kicking him with his stilts.


Spyro the Dragon

Toasty's sole appearance is as the boss of the Artisans world, in the self-titled level "Toasty". Toasty is fought in three phases. In the first phase he is guarded by one dog, then two, and then three.

These dogs must be defeated before Spyro can damage Toasty with his flame breath. After each successful attack, Toasty will flee to the next area, where the process must be repeated. After he is defeated, he will disappear and leave behind gems, never to be seen again.