Tlaloc is the main antagonist of the first two Tak and the Power of Juju games, though in the second he is not revealed as such until much later on. He has a minor non-antagonistic role in the third game and appears in a single episode of the cartoon, incorrectly named "Traloc". Finally, "Traloc" appears in the crossover video game "Globs of Doom".


Great Juju Challenge

Tlaloc and Jibolba were part of Team Pupanunu to gain the Moon Juju's trust. They won against the Bucket Heads, the Giant Dwarves and the Black Mist.

Power of Juju

Tlaloc is an evil shaman who competed with the good Jibolba for the position of head shaman of the Pupanunu, and was not chosen because of his use of evil magic. In revenge, Tlaloc steals the Moonstones, taking away the power of the Moon Juju goddess, then turns all the Pupanunus into sheep, including Lok, who was supposed to be one to defeat Tlaloc. He is assisted by two voodoo dolls named Pins and Needles. Jibolba and Tak were the only ones unaffected, and Tak is sent out to find ingredients to cure Lok, starting off the game. Eventually, after Tak ends up doing everything that Lok was supposed to do short of defeating Tlaloc, the Moon Juju appears and reveals that he was the actual hero all along. At the end of the game, Tlaloc is defeated in his temple by Tak, transformed into a sheep and catapulted to the top of a mountain where he is raped by rams (comically implied).

Dream Realm

Tlaloc, still a sheep, masquerades as a "Dream Juju" and tricks Tak into stealing the Staff of Dreams for him. When he reveals himself however, Tak is able to escape with one half of the staff while Tlaloc gets the other half. Later, they fight in the real world, but Tlaloc is easily defeated as he is just a sheep. Then, they fight in the dream world as monsters, which is more of a challenge. Finally, back in the real world, Tlaloc returns in his human form and tries to kill Tak's friends, but is defeated yet again. It was then revealed that the events were just a dream. Or was it?