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Tlacua and Cuache are 2 opossums living in the city's sewer system; And are a parody of American stereotypes on northern Mexicans.


The two often argue over "crossing the river to get a better life" (In regards crossing the sewer's "river") or about whether they should just follow destiny or actually work for food. They like to eat eggs and bacon, and try to eat Toto, Willy and Tocino, but are fooled easily due to their incompetence. While Tlacua is quick tempered, Cuache is very easygoing. They call each other "compadre".

Appearance and Personality

  • Tlacua:is faster and more wicked, greedy and impatient.
  • Cuache':is innocent and Tlacua compadre, well-intentioned somewhat Stupid.


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