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Titus Sweete is a soldier who is secretly a high ranking member of the group Brother's Day and a villain in the animated TV series The Zeta Project. He oversees the laundering of funds for the organization from their accountant Eugene Dolan however he keep's their organization's name anonymous.

Later he led a mission on the government's underwater synthoid lab called Gnosis. They blackmailed Marcus Edmund to pose as Eli Selig to get them the coordinates and take him along in case he is needed.

However Zeta switches with Edmund so he can stop Sweete. Ro also disguises herself as Curtis.

However when Sweete's sub is attacked by defenses he sent a mini sub to be destroyed so he can sneak in.

However Agent Bennet and the NSA pin him down and interrogates him. Sweete is able to escape and activates some explosives which causes the base to be evacuated.

Later, he is then captured and arrested by Bennet.

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