Titus O'Neil Apr 2012
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Thadeus Bullard also known as Titus O'neil is a villain in the WWE. He begin as a WWE Hero in the NXT in 2009 he was friends with Hornswoggle and helped him to get Maryse heart but they failed to make Hornswoggle win her heart. He saw his former best friend was heartbroken and told him he will find another girl who would really love him, until Hornswoggle received a gift which they believe came from Maryse. He discovered Hornswoggle finally found a new girl who was AJ Lee they are all friends until he hugged her in front of Hornswoggle. He decide to put an end to his friendship with Hornswoggle . He made a new friend Darren Young. They formed the Primetime team they win some match until 2014 when they lose again Titus punch Darren in the face before leaving the ring in a huff. He now fights solo and do have no friends anymore because he became very destructive. He fight now Sheamus but he fail to win. He's now teamed up with Heat Slater.And the name of their team is Slatergator.

Primetime Players Back

He finally split up with Heat after losing a match, so when The Ascension attacked Darren, Titus run out the stage and go help Darren. So they beat up The ascension, but Darren was not sure if he want to teamed up with him again, because of what happen last year when knock Darren out and let him lay on the ring. They are officially back has a team in February 23, 2015, when they fight again against The ascension, and win the match Darren finally accept to teamed with Titus once again has The Primetime Players.

Villainous act

  • In the NXT 2012 he Knocked down Hornswoggle.
  • In 2014 he beat up Darren Young and put an end to The Primetime team.
  • On St. Patrick's day he wanted to defeat Sheamus when he think he's the winner he grabbed Hornswoggle and called him "Little Leprechaun" if he gets what he's going to do to him like Sheamus, but Sheamus finally saved Hornswoggle before Titus could throw him on the floor.
  • Turn Heel again and attacked Darren Young manager that force Darren to attack him.



  • Titus is the fathers of two boys.
  • His character name is maybe inspired by one of his sons.