Titus Abrax
Titus Abrasax is the secondary antagonist of Jupiter Ascending and is the brother of Balem Abrasax. He is portrayed by Douglas Booth.


When the matriarch of the House of Abrasax, the most powerful of the alien dynasties, dies her children Balem , Kalique , and Titus are at war over the inheritance. Balem having inherited an enormous production facility on Jupiter and Titus declaring his intention to dismantle the youth serum trade. The three discuss Earth, apparently a key feature of their late mother's real estate portfolio.

Tidus plans on marry and kill Jupiter and hired Caine to rescue Jupiter and have her become Queen in order for his plan to gain control of Earth. This would effectively make him on of if not the most powerful men in the known universe. His plans are unfulfilled due to Caine interrupting the wedding and ultimately revealed to Jupiter and it is unknown but unlikely he faced any type of actual punishment for his actions.