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Titanic Ant Clay Model

The Titanic Ant is the first Sanctuary Guardian you encounter in Earthbound.


The Titanic Ant is a large grey bipedal ant-like creature with four arms and an abdomen black stripes. It has two white mandibles and small white eyes. It also has antennas atop its head; green (left), red (right).


It guards a Sanctuary Location, the Giant Step when Ness comes. It attacks Ness by biting him and it also increases its health and protects itself with a PSI Shield Alpha. It can also lower Ness' defence It has two Black Antoids which help it. It is more powerful than most enemies Ness has faced so far but it is weak when Ness keeps using PSI Rockin Alpha. It is killed by Ness.


  • It is possible that the etymology of the boss's name comes the boat that sunk.

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