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Titania (real name: Mary McPheerson) was a scrawny and timid girl who was constantly mocked and ignored by her classmates. Her only friend was a girl named Marsha, who was also an outcast due to her being overweight. After an encounter with the second Spider-Woman, Marsha pointed out that both Mary and the superheroine had the same hair color. She then spread the rumor that Mary was Spider-Woman, causing them to become suddenly popular.

During a popular girl's party, the entire suburb was taken from Earth and teleported to the planet Battleworld by the Beyonder, who was seeking Spider-Woman instead to join in his cosmic battle arena of superheroes and villains. Mary and Marsha ended up near the supervillain's base, where they were taken in by Doctor Doom. They fitted perfectly with Doom's plans, and he offered to give them both superhuman powers. They accepted, and Doom used alien technology to alter their bodies and transform them. Marsha became the fiery Volcana, and Mary became the powerful Titania. The experiment had grown her body, making her very tall and muscular, and giving her great superhuman strength and durability.

Titania and Volcana joined the villain faction of the war, during which Titania devoloped a rivalry with She-Hulk and a romantic relationship with the Absorbing Man.

After Battleworld, Titania continued her career as a supervillain, having many battles with her arch-enemy, She-Hulk. She eventually married Absorbing Man, and they often worked together. She also joined the Wizard's Frightful Four and the Masters of Evil.

Recently Titania was chosen by The Serpent to wield one of the Seven Hammer's of the Worthy and became Skirn, Breaker of Men.


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