The largest member of the Dweevil family, this fearsome predator carries protective components that frequently exhibit offensive capabilities, an evolution that may be attributed to mere chance. Another evolutionary theory is that the chemical contents of the containers carried by Titan Dweevils contribute to possible gene splicing. While other Dweevils do not seem to choose the objects they carry, the Titan Dweevil appears to prefer shiny objects above all others.
~ Olimar's notes on the Titan Dweevil.

The Titan Dweevil is a massive Dweevil and the main antagonist as well as final boss in Pikmin 2.


It is seen on the 14th sub level of the Dream Den, the last dungeon in the game. It is responsible for kidnapping Louie when he is accidentally left behind by Olimar. It first shows itself as some sort of mechanical robotic spider (similar to the Man-a-legs, another boss in Pikmin 2) that trys to kill Olimar and/or the President (depending on who and how you play as). It has four elemental weapons attached to it's body and has the captured Louie on top of its head.

The Titan Dweevil also has its own theme depending on how many weapons it's containing.


The Titan Dweevil is the strongest and most dangerous of all the bosses in the game. To defeat the Dweevil, Olimar and/or the President needs to throw their Pikmin at one of the four weapons attached to the Dweevil. As the weapon takes damage, the Dweevil grabs the attacked weapon on it, takes it off, and uses its power before placing it back on itself: the Monster Pump blasts out water, the Shock Therapist conducts bolts of electricity, the Flare Cannon sprays fire, and the Comedy Bomb sprays poison. Each attack will stun Olimar and the President, even though their suits are immune to all of the elements. To take down the Dweevil, take only one of the captains with his Pikmin while the other takes all the rest of the Pikmin and camp out in the short geyser tunnel.

Monster Pump

Many players say that the water cannon is best to destroy first - water blasts reach farther than any other attacks. Any Pikmin can take out the pump, but either Blue or Yellow Pikmin work the best for reasons upcoming. While the water is blasting out, check on the remote group during the blasts to ensure the Pikmin are unharmed, because they will suffocate if ignored. Blue Pikmin are immune to this attack.

Shock Therapist

Either the Monster Pump or the Shock Therapist is the best weapon to attack first since the Monster Pump has the most range shot and electricity kills all Pikmin except Yellow Pikmins immediately. Toss PIkmin up to the charged implement and keep attacking until it detaches from the Dweevil.

Flare Cannon

The Dweevil will shoot out a deadly flame from the Flare Cannon in a 180-degree motion. Any Pikmin except Red Pikmin will be set on fire and will die only a few seconds afterward. Therefore, Red Pikmin are the best choice to attack the Flare Cannon head-on.

Comedy Bomb

The Comedy Bomb is usually the last part to be removed from the Dweevil. The Dweevil will spin the Bomb in a circular motion, creating large streams of poison. White Pikmin are immune to poison and the best defense to take down the weapon while in motion.

The Disarmed Dweevil

After stripping the creature from its weapons, the metal-like plate skin will fall off the Dweevil, showing its true tan skin. Without the weapons, the Dweevil is powerless and cannot kill any of the Pikmin. The only attack it makes is a shake to knock off the attacking Pikmin. Red Pikmin (because they're the strongest) and Purple Pikmin (because of their strong throw and stun) are the quickest Pikmin to use to defeat the Dweevil. Before the Dweevil reaches zero health, if one stuns him with the Ultra-Bitter Spray and then kill him, he will explode into ten random colored sprays, and drops Louie.


  • It is suggested by Olimar that the Titan Dweevil may not have been naturally aggressive, but Louie may have been controlling it.
  • Some Pikmin fans consider him to be the Right-Hand Man of Emperor Bulblax.
  • The Titan Dweevil can be re-battled upon future explorations into the Dream Den, but he will be only containing the weapons the player left attached to the Dweevil, or none at all.