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The Tireloid is a Metaloid created by Enter when he saw a shipment of Enetron ripe for the taking and uses the "run" Metavirus to infect a bicycle by the rear tire.

Able to move at fast speeds and have vehicles run amok by using it's Spoke Beams (located in the Metaloid's hands) on the rearmost right tire, Tireloid attacks the Enetron transport convoy. The Spoke Beam has the fire rate of a submachine gun.

During it's fight with Blue Buster, Ryuji hit his Weakpoint, causing him to mercilessly pummel Tireloid, starting with disabling Tireloid's hands, before finishing him off by tossing the Metaloid into the air and stab him in the back with the Sougan Blade as it fell back down.


  • Identification Number: T-18
  • Install Metavirus: HASHIRU
  • Production Motif: Bicycle tires
  • Height: 208 cm. (6 feet, 4.37 inches)
  • Weight: 265 kg. (559 lbs.)

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