The TireZord (T-18) is a MegaZord Alpha, with the properties of the TireRoid, namely the legs and head. It can fold up it's feet and uses it's tires to use in a fashion of skates. It can also use it's right arm as a machine gun.

The MegaZord's task was to intercept the Enetron tanker that the Go-Busters were protecting. It had got lucky when it fought CB-01 Ace, as it ran off with a billboard of a chicken behind it, activating Red Buster's Weakpoint.

It soon caught up with RH-03 and managed to swat the Buster Machine out of the air, but not before the Machine managed to make the MegaZord trip. After a brief fight with RH-03 in Animal Mode, it was sent flying when the rabbit mecha mule-kicked the Type Alpha in the haunches, sending it crashing into the immobile CB-01 Ace, knocking Red Buster out of his Weakpoint. It is finally destroyed by CB-01 Ace.


  • Height: 53.7 m
  • Weight: 1470 t


  • This is the first MegaZord the Go-Busters have faced that had their Weakpoints flare up.