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Tinky Winky is a major antagonist of the Slendytubbies saga.

Tinky Winky ate an infected custard, that turned him into an undead. After becoming an undead, he brutally killed his friends.


During a normal day in Teletubby Land, Tinky Winky and his friends were eating tubby-custards, but the one Tinky Winky ate contained some kind of virus, for an unknown reason. During the night, he destroyed the machine and left the house. However, Po wasn't sleeping during this time and witnessed the scene. She, alone or with Laa-Laa, decided to search him.

While Po was checking at the landscape, she decided to check the beach, finding Laa-Laa (if the player decided to awake her) laying on the ground, eyeless and covered in blood. In any cases, Tinky Winky is here, and reveal his mutated face. He then chases Po until she gets confused in front of a big tree, where she'll be found hanged. He killed Dipsy in the house while Po was investigating outside.

He is now trying to kill the White Tubbie, who is aware of the situation.



Tinky Winky is the only threat of the first game, chasing constantly the player. He lets out a large screech if the White Tubbie has visual contact with him, killing him if the visual contact is too long. He increases his speed after every collected custards.

Slendytubbies IIEdit

He is back in the partial sequel as one of the different enemies, being the most recurring one. He appears in 3 states:

  • His recent state, being a muscular beast similar to a Tank
  • His normal state, on the Classic map
  • A non-canon, cubic form, in the TubbyCraft map.

Slendytubbies 2DEdit

Just like the second game, he is one of the different enemies. Unlike the previous games, he is now using some ambush techniques, stalking constantly the White Tubbie while staying still when watched. He is also able to disappear for a little while, meaning he is likely able to teleport.

Slendytubbies III Edit

He first appears in Chapter 0 where, during the night, he mutates and kills Laa Laa (if she was woken up by Po), Dipsy and Po. He then reappears in Chapter 1 as the major antagonist. At the end of Chapter 1 he becomes Tinky Tank (eating another custard) and chases White Tubbie. He reappears in the multiplayer mode in the levels Main Land (day), Main Land (night) and Slendytubbies Classic as the final boss.



  • He is probably a reference of The Scream
  • He is one of the two most recurring characters, the other being the White Tubbie.
  • The origin of his face is from various Halloween decorations all made by the company Gemmy Industries.
  • He basically takes the role of Slender Man