Tinky Winky is the main antagonist of Slendytubbies and Slendytubbies ll



Theres no information in the game showing why Tinky Winky is a monster, the only know background is that Tinky Winky started a killing spree and killed all of his friends, now the player has to find the custards for apparently no reason to survive.

Slendytubbies ll

Tinky ate a infected custard, leading to his transformation. In the sequel, he has a Tank-like appearance and behavior.

Slendytubbies lll

In the beginning, Tinky Winky was outside of the house with Po, La La and Dipsy, but the night he goes missing and Po goes to find him and finds La La's bloody corpse when Po tried to approaches Tinky, Tinky's face was a humanoid with black eyes, nose and a big mouth opened with teeth screams and tries to catch Po, Po tried to escape from Tinky Winky but the latter found him and killed Po by hanging her bloody corpse and the complete game will coming soon.