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Tinkle Bug

The Tinkle Bug is the ally of the Sandman in the Boogies series from Cartoon Monsoon. He is an insect who loves urnating in children's brains so they will be wide-eyed and soggy.


The Tinkle Bug was found by the Sandman to bring sleepless nights to children everywhere. He kept making the kids wet their bed and pants during their sleep which caused worldwide panic. The Tinkle Bug came across a sleeping Neebish and went inside him. Neebish shook him out and helped the Tinkle Bug betray his master, the Sandman by going inside the Sandman's brain.


  • "Got to go real bad!"
  • "All right, let's see who's next. Jeesh, what an ugly kid. Heh, a brat's a brat."
  • "Hello, uh, Tinkle Tinkle Pee Pee dance?"

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