Looks like you had a little mishap!
~ Tech "Tinker" Sawyer
Tech "Tinker" Sawyer is the brother of AlfredoTex and Leatherface and a supporting antagonist in the horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.


Tinker attacked Michelle and Ryan in a truck and threw a dead coyote at their windshield. He encountered Benny and offered his assistance, setting down road flares but Benny discovered that he was intending to kill them when he saw a damaged chainsaw in his truck. Tinker unsuccessfully tried to run Benny down.

Tinker later brought in Ryan after he was severely injured by Leatherface. He made a gold chainsaw that had "The Saw is Family" engraved on it, for Tex to give to Leatherface. When Benny was shooting his house, Tinker's ear was shoot off as well two of his fingers, is not know if Tinker died or not.


  • He seems to be the most intelligent member of the family.
  • He has a hook hand.
  • Tinker is probaly the most sane member of the family.


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