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Aah! Did you make all that noise? I can't think straight!! I have so much work to do!
~ Tinker Knight
Tinker Knight is a minor antagonist in the Indie video game; Shovel Knight. He works for the Enchantress as one of the eight members of the Order of No Quarter. Shovel Knight encounters Tinker Knight at the end of the Clockwork Tower.


When the Enchantress was starting her reign of terror, she created a small team of eight knights known as the Order of No Quarter. One of the members was Tinker Knight. Shovel Knight had to venture toward various areas to stop the Order.
Tinker Knight in game

Tinker Knight in the game

While Shovel Knight was venturing towards the end of the Clockwork Tower, he eventually came across Tinker Knight. Both Shovel Knight and Tinker Knight fought each other, and Tinker Knight ended up losing to Shovel Knight, even in spite of him riding a large and powerful mech.
Tinker Knight's Mech

Tinker Knight inside him mech

Later on, while Shovel Knight was venturing in the Tower of Fate, he eventually came across Tinker Knight, as well as the other members of the Order of No Quarter he defeated. Shovel Knight had to endure a Boss-Rush with all the knights, including Tinker Knight. In the end, Shovel Knight managed to defeat all eight knights, including Tinker Knight. After Shovel Knight managed to defeat all eight members of The Order of No Quarter, Tinker Knight and the other members are hanging on the edge of the tower for dear life. Shovel Knight can choose whether to save them or leave them to die.

If Tinker Knight and the others were rescued by Shovel Knight, some of them ended up paying for their consequences. After Shovel Knight and Shield Knight defeated The Enchantress, Tinker Knight returned to the Clock Tower. There, he decided to make up for his misdeeds, and create toys for the children.


  • Despite being a knight, he is also a blacksmith.
  • Tinker Knight is the only Order of No Quarter member to ever pilot a mech.