Tinia is a minor character in the Cartoon Network series Clarence. She is the main antagonist of the episode "Patients".


Tinia is a little girl with brown hair, a pink jacket, and maroon skirt with socks and Mary Janes.

Tinia may look cute and sweet but in reality, she is a spoiled, arrogant, and manipulative girl who likes getting people into trouble. She doesn't seem to know why she does it, but still does it any way. For example, she forces Clarence to do various tasks such as reading her a story in three different ways for her own amusement.

Villainous Acts/Episodes

  • Patients: She is the main antagonist of the episode. She notices that Clarence wants some candy and uses that to her advantage. She gets Clarence to do every deed that she wants/forces him to do including: giving her a piggy back ride, try to get people to leave the office, braid her hair, and read her a story in three different ways. She then gives Clarence the candy bar, only to frame him. Tinia starts crying in an extremely immoral attempt to frame Clarence for stealing "her" candy. This gets her mom, the clinic lady and the teenage woman to force Clarence to give the candy back and to get punished harshly in the end as Tinia watches in amusement, but Clarence accidentally breaks the candy jar and quickly walks off with his mom which shocks everybody. This is so far her only known villainous role.


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