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Tina San Antonio is a professional wrestler best known for competing for the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion, where she held the WSU Tag Team Championship as one half of the Belle Saints with Marti Belle.

Tina debuted for WSU in March 2010, where she formed her partnership with Marti Belle. The duo captured the WSU Tag Team Championship eight months later, but on March 1, 2011, Tina was attacked by an unknown culprit and couldn't compete at WSU's 4th Anniversary Show. She returned three months later, but she and Marti lost the tag titles to The Boston Shore.

It was after losing the titles that Tina's villainous turn began, and it came to a head at Breaking Barriers II on November 19, 2011. At the event, The Belle Saints, who had been having problems, teamed up in a losing effort to Jana and Luscious Latasha. After the match, Tina displayed her heel persona and blamed Marti for the loss, which led to Marti hurling accusations that Tina was attempting to try out for WWE. Later on, WSU Commissioner Amy Lee entered with surveillance video of Tina's attack, which revealed that Tina faked the attack so she could abandon Marti and head to WWE. Tina later confessed to the hoax and apologized to Marti, which led to the two women hugging. At that moment, however, Tina laughed evilly and grabbed Marti from behind, clearly showing that her apology was insincere. With a sinister smile on her face, the evil Tina snarled at the fans in attendance and at Marti right before she delivered her attack on her longtime partner. The hoax and attack cemented Tina as a villainess, and she continued to snarl at the fans as she left the ring.

Tina competed against her former partner three times since her heel turn, beginning with being on the winning side an eight-woman tag team match. A pair of one-on-one encounters later followed, with Marti winning the first match and Tina winning the second. Tina's last WSU appearance to date was a victorious showing against Brittney Savage at Full Steam Ahead.

Tina also made three appearances for Shine Wrestling in 2012 and 2013. Continuing her role as a villainous character, Tina was defeated by Santana Garrett at the first show in July 2012 and by Mia Yim at SHINE 6 in January 2013. At SHINE 7 on the following month, Tina defeated Luscious Latasha and La Rosa Negra in a three-way match.


As shown in her faked attack and her betrayal of Marti Belle, Tina was portrayed as self-serving and opportunistic. She also developed an arrogant persona after her heel turn.