Tina Moore

Tina Moore is the main villainess from Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder.

She was played by Bellamy Young.

Tina Moore worked at a spa alongside Dr. Drummonds, with both parties being part of a lucrative scam that included filler implants. When one of their patients, Debbie Phillips (a former nurse), figured out their scam, Tina killed her to prevent her from revealing the truth. After Drummonds' arrest, the evil Tina later snuck into the bookstore and attempted to kill Emily Claire, a woman with psychic visions who had been assisting Samantha in the case. She planned to drug her just as she did to Debbie, but she was stopped by Samantha and Philby, who uncovered Tina's evil scheme. The villainess attempted to attack Samantha, only to be taken down by the protagonist before she was arrested.